All MARICEL Couture gowns are designed and hand crafted using the finest materials alongside the use of old world artisan techniques. The entire process can take a minimum of 6 months and this includes the design consultation, construction and fittings.

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Initial Consultation

During a one-to-one personalized consultation with the designer, we will discuss the occasion, what you like and dream about wearing. You are welcomed to bring photos or colour inspirations to give a rough idea of what you're looking to create together with the designer.

Bespoke For You

MARICEL Couture gowns are made using your personal measurements which are taken during the design consultation stage.

Design & Sketch

After the initial consultation, a design sketch will be presented to you. At this stage, you will approve the design and make any adjustments needed prior to start crafting the unique piece.

Toile Fitting

Once the design is confirmed, an early version of the design called a 'toile' is constructed in a cotton material for you to try on. At this stage, any further adjustments to the fit of the piece are refined.

The Final Fitting

Once the piece is perfected and refined, you will be called to come in for the final fitting. At this stage, further refinements to the fit of the piece are adjusted to make sure that the piece sits well on your body.